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Exciting Projects Upcoming!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

We had over 40 voice applicants for our season auditions! We are working through submitted materials and will be sending out audition results soon!

Here's what we're casting for in our 2022/2023 season:

  • Love, a filmed quartet by Lauren McCall for SSAA, words by Shakespeare

The vocal work, Love, uses text from Shakespeare's Sonnet 116. It was written for vocal quartet and electronics. The electronic spatialization is used to deepen the meaning nd importance of love by the movement of the vocal parts within the sonic space.

*Singers will be required to observe some New Music notation.

  • The Small Competitor, a live short opera by Anthony R. Green for either SMM or SMT and piano.

Roles: June (soprano), Anne (mezzo-soprano), Customer (tenor or mezzo-soprano)

The Small Competitor is roughly about one tiny, yet largely influential, aspect of the transitioning economic class. While tiny details of the opera can be debated at length, the main story of the effects of big business is one that cannot be ignored.

  • Considered Discoveries in Science, a filmed or live quartet by Mario Gullo for SATB

A cantata based on a letter to the Royal Academy of 1781 by Benjamin Franklin that is meant to be performed tongue-in-cheek.

  • The Rabbi's Advice OR How a Goat Ate a Book and Saved a Marriage, a live short opera by Eric Alexander for SSSMMTBa

Roles: Husband (tenor), Wife (soprano), Grandmother Safta (mezzo-soprano), Daughter 1 (soprano), Daughter 2 (soprano), Daughter 3 (mezzo-soprano), Rabbi/Narrator/Goat (Bass)

An opera in one act based on a Traditional Jewish Story.

  • Evening Light, a filmed or live trio by Griffin Brown for SMBa and piano

*Singers will be required observe some New Music notation for this trio.

  • Prelude to Debt, a filmed or live trio by Jillian Flexner and Orlando Segarra for 3 female voices

Voices: Voice 1 (C4 - C6), Voice 2 (C4 - G5), Voice 3 (A3 - E5)

This piece and the musical exploration of the impact of debt is inspired by the artist collective, Debt Fair. The crux of Debt Fair's manifesto is that artists are expected to go to "good" schools to gain connections to be successful artists as well as sell their art through organizations like Black Rock, who are double-dipping in artist student loan debt.

  • Three Sonnets, a filmed or live art song cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano by Helena Michelson, words by E.E. Cummings

This song cycle features three sonnets from E.E. Cummings' first published book of poetry, "Tulips and Chimneys" (1923).

  • Wings to Fly, a filmed song cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano by Greg Zavracky

Roles: Caster Semenya (lyric soprano or mezzo-soprano), Michelle Obama (lyric soprano or mezzo-soprano)

This song cycle is based on the interviews and speeches of Malala Yousafzai, Lisa Randall, Caster Semenya, and Michelle Obama.

  • Finding Fortune in Dark Days With Virtual Sunshine Inc., a live short opera by Theo Chandler for SSMT and piano

Roles: Boss (soprano), Head of Finance (mezzo-soprano), Head of Marketing (tenor), Assistant (soprano)

The sun has mysteriously disappeared, leaving the world icy and dark. In such uncertain times, it is up to the owners of a small virtual reality company, Virtual Sunshine Inc., to find a new path to prosperity. They realize their moment has arrived: consumers are starved for sunlight, and would be willing to pay handsomely to feel it again, even in virtual form.

  • five pictures of a lover, an art song cycle for soprano and piano by Jeremy Rapaport-Stein

Based on the poem, "A Lover" by Amy Lowell (1917)

"If I could catch the green lantern of a firefly

I could see to write you a letter"

  • Mother, a short opera for SSBa and piano by Bruno Giordano do Nascimento

Roles: Mother (coloratura soprano), Creature One (Soprano), Creature Two (Bass)

"Mother, after a poem by Romina Nikolic, is an expression of the earth about her 'creatures,' mankind, and the consequences of their lifestyles. The music is based on an experimental spectral harmonic system, which I developed to be a basis for the singers and to play with the colors and its nuances." -Giordano Bruno do Nascimento

  • Hey, Siri, an art song cycle for SSA and an effect track by Jason Nitsch

"Hey, Siri” for three voices (SSA) and Effect track, is a commentary on the increasingly unsettling relationship that people have with their personal de-vices, their friend and family, and society at large. It is a little tongue-in-cheek at times, but also exposes a real societal development in which people are more and more concerned with the promotion of their online, virtual, and social media personas...often at the expense of their real-world relationships and tangible contributions to society."

-Jason Nitsch

Soprano (S) Mezzo-soprano (M) Alto (A) Tenor (T) Baritone (B) Bass (Ba)

We can't wait to start working on these projects!

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